Enhanced Health in Care Homes

We provide an enhanced service to all our patients in Care Homes across Ellesmere Port. Our service  delivers a proactive and person-centered care, with a focus on the specific health and well-being needs of care home residents.  

What is Enhanced Health in Care Homes?

Previously, care home residents within Ellesmere Port registered and received care from any GP Practice within our PCN. This meant that clinicians from our GP Practices were visiting and providing care to the same care homes; resulting in time constraints and lack of continuity for our patients. The GP practices have been working together to review how they can improve the care that they provide to the residents. After careful consideration, a new framework has been developed dedicated to providing care for care home residents in Ellesmere Port. This includes GPs, Nurses and other health professionals who dedicate themselves to a particular Care Home but all operate to the same standards across Ellesmere Port.

The PCN has aligned a lead GP Practice to each CQC registered Care Home in Ellesmere Port, so that where possible, residents within each home will register with the lead practice to enable a collaboration and rapport to be built between each home and their GP Practice team. This will allow for more pro-active care, so that the right care packages are reviewed and assessed by an experienced and dedicated team, whilst also providing continuity of care for the residents in each home across Ellesmere Port.

What extra support will be given?

The service will:

As well as GPs and advanced nurse practitioners; this service provides other health professionals who specialize in specific areas of care:

This will provide an expert service and increased continuity of care by staff from the same team week to week.

How does a Care Home patient receive this service?

They need to be registered with the lead GP practice that is linked to their residence. This can be done by speaking with the Care Home team, who will follow our registration procedure.